I’m super obsessed with metallic this season.  I want it all over my house and all up in my outfits.  And by “all up in” I really mean I like little bits here and there.

So I’ve decided to dive into the world of leather.   Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to but have never been brave enough.  I guess this year I am.  And I love mixing textures- the juxtaposition of the strong, earthy leather with the dainty metallic dip detailing.

I’m excited for this new adventure with leather.  Every time I take on a new medium there are so. many. mistakes.  So many things I throw away.  And so many days in between each attempt because by that point I am DONE.

And then sometimes, out of thin air comes something I really love.

Cheers to the creative process, friends.  What are you working on?

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Erica is a wife, mama bear and fierce coffee drinker who loves to make all the things.

Metallic all the things

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