Girl, let’s talk leather earrings.

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I am OBSESSED!!  I’ve seen these for a while but thought, “Meh.  What’s the big deal?” LET ME TELL YOU THE BIG DEAL: they’re perfection.  I am in love with the texture, the shimmer and I forget that I’m wearing them.  Every day.  I totally forget.  They are so light.  I didn’t even know that other earrings were heavy before this but your ear lobes will seriously thank you for these babies!

I can’t get enough.  Plus, just like your favorite leather bag, these beauties go with EVERYTHING.  I’m trying hard to not wear them every day.  Ok, that’s a lie- I don’t even care that I wear them every day.

With fall coming up all I can think about is pumpkins and boots and leather.  Like seriously, I want all the leather things.  I’ve been experimenting with leather this season and to tell you the truth- I’m just frustrated with it.  It’s like I’m thiiiiis close to getting there with this clutch pattern… and as soon as I get it I’ll make sure to share!

What are your favorite leather accessories this season?

xoxo Erica



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