In college I suddenly got this crazy urge to paint.  I’d never done it before and was super intimidated, but I just had a drive to do it.  I received some supplies as a Christmas gift and “took lessons” from a friend.  I’m no Monet.  Or anyone, really.  But something about painting just soothes my soul.

I also always really wanted to be able to paint words, but I remember learning that that was really difficult and back then I just had no patience to master it.  But lately, painting these words and minimalist designs has brought such joy and peace to my heart.

My crafting BFF, Marisela, and I are getting ready for our big craft show in December and I’ve felt at a loss for what to sell.  There are so many risks involved with entering Arts & Crafts shows, especially when your time and resources are limited!  We did it four years in a row, took a break for a year and are back at it this year.  In so many ways we feel like we are starting over, and I’m just so indecisive about it.

Entering shows is really such a scary thing to do.  Putting your heart and soul out there through your work for people to buy and judge is terrifying!!  And it comes with so much self doubt.  I’m going to write about this more in depth in another post, but I’m thinking about it this morning as I’m searching for inspiration to get a hustlin’.

So I’m taking a risk with these bad boys this year- seeing what kind of results I’ll get.  The good news is that I’ve decided to only make things I’m in love with so that worst case scenario- I can just fill my home and life with them.  Why make something you’re not in love with, anyway?  I want my art, my walls and my shoppe to tell our story, and by golly- it is going to.

I’m thinking through all the details of our show- products, making those products, packaging, marketing, display, business cards, shopping bags… the list goes on.  I always start freaking out thinking “Ok, I just need to sit down and make a list.  That way I can get all of it out of my head and get organized.”  Only to realize that I’ve already done this several times and apparently it’s not working.  Or maybe I’m just not looking at it enough.  GET IT TOGETHER, SELF!

Regardless, I’m thankful for this life I get to live- of raising babies and growing my confidence as an artist and handmade shoppe owner.  It’s hard and I have no idea what I’m doing, but one step at a time- I’m designing a life that I love.



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