When Ella went to kindergarten last year she really struggled with anxiety.  She was all over the place- both excited to be at a new school and so sad to leave me all day.  We were at Claire’s one night and we stumbled upon the BFF necklace display.  She went CRAZY over them, since she had never heard of the idea before.  And that’s how the idea was born.

It’s simple, I just bought the matching necklaces and gave hers to her the night before school started.  All I said was this, “These are our special necklaces.  You have one that looks just like mine!  We’ll wear them everyday, and if you get nervous at school, or feel sad, or start to miss me, just hold your necklace and think about me.  All my love is always with you because you can remember my hugs, and my cuddles, and all my “I love you’s” and “you can do this!” cheers!  You’re going to have such a great day at school- you were made for this!  And I can’t wait to match you!”

She smiled.  And we wore our necklaces every day for months.  It’s the sweetest thing, especially when she wants to match me now.  I know that as she grows the last thing she’s gonna want to wear is a matching necklace with her mama.  So today, tomorrow, whenever she wants- I’ll wear mine to match her.  Matching IS our love language, after all.

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I made like THE SIMPLEST tutorial video for this that you’ve ever seen.  So if you’ve ever made jewelry before, trust me- this is beneath you! But if you’re a newbie and need some simple tips then this one’s for you. My heart for this blog and journey is to equip LITERALLY ANYONE with the skills they need to worship Jesus through creativity.  So if you thought you could never make jewelry, I say NO!  You can do this!  Start here!

So much love to you, my sweet sister.  Here’s to cheering our babes on, no matter the cost.

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